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FreeWater. Closer to people. Closer to nature.

And we guarantee it!

All FreeWater products are absolutely non-detrimental to health and completely environmentally friendly.
Because your health and the health of the environment are important for us!


All FreeWater products are odourless and with a neutral taste.
So that you can taste your drink the way it should!


All FreeWater products can be washed in the dishwasher.
We want to make house-work easier!


All FreeWater products combine maximum lightness and durability.
Children come up with the best ideas – we just follow them!


The FreeWater Bottle is also suitable for hot drinks.
Our FreeWater products adapt to your needs!


The FreeWater Bottle is completely watertight even for fizzy drinks.
We develop innovative and clever ideas to help you!

Gesundheit und Umweltfreundlichkeit in Kombination mit Qualität, einfacher Handhabung und schönem Design, daran arbeiten wir beständig für Sie.

Health and environmental friendliness, in combination with high-quality, easy handling and an attractive design – we are constantly at work on your behalf to improve each of these features.
Our FreeWater products have been extensively tested in the laboratory over many years to check for the presence of any harmful substances. Regular checks confirm their quality.

At school and in the nursery, at work, during sports and on the road, at play and out adventuring – with a healthy FreeWater Bottle and a healthy FreeWater Box, you and all your family are equipped for every occasion.

We expressly distance ourselves from all plastic products that can be harmful to people or the environment.

Healthy FreeWater products – Closer to people. Closer to nature.

Our history

The company FreeWater has been in existence since 2005. The healthy FreeWater Bottle was developed in our very first year. This innovative bottle was originally used as part of school projects and subsequently developed and optimised for all discriminating customers who prioritise health and the environment. Over the next few years other healthy FreeWater products were launched onto the market. Our strict commitment to quality, durability and absolute non-detriment to health has remained steadfastly unchanged from our very beginning until today. Healthy FreeWater products are successfully sold all over Europe (Germany, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom and many other countries).

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