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FreeWater. Closer to people. Closer to nature.

FreeWater develop and distribute environmentally friendly, healthy and high-quality products. 
Since 2005, we have been active and successful in the international marketplace. Satisfied customers – our FreeWater Fans – are buying FreeWater products not only in Germany, Austria and Denmark, but in numerous other European countries too. 

Healthy FreeWater products are practical products for everyday use. We make them from materials generally used in the healthcare sector. This means they do not contain plasticisers, heavy metals, phthalates, bisphenol A or other toxic substances.
We print using inks suitable for contact with food and attest our products according to the latest European standards.
We do not clog up the market with more and more useless products that no-one needs but which people are driven to buy by expensive and omnipresent advertising. Our products win over customer loyalty by themselves – with their quality and practicality.

All healthy FreeWater products are manufactured exclusively in the Czech Republic and are very successful not only here, but also in markets abroad. Healthy FreeWater products are valued by our foreign customers as the best in their category (e.g. the German ÖKO-Test).

Healthy FreeWater products are developed and designed not only for mothers and children, but for everyone who prioritises a healthy and active lifestyle.

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